Essay Plagiarism Checker for Students

Students know that they have to follow the rules of academic integrity. Not just because it is ethical, but also because they will be punished for contravention. One of the main rules all educational institutions require learners to follow is submitting 100% original papers. However, having too much information around makes it is easy for students to get confused. Some of them lack proper formatting skills and fail to mark quotations accordingly, others do incorrect paraphrasing or insert sentences from other sources without rewriting. While a small oversight of improper citation, paraphrasing, copy-pasting or rewriting is often inevitable, the results can be full of mischief.

Our essay plagiarism checker is designed to help students avoid consequences of the most common mistakes. With this tool by your side, you can easily find plagiarized elements, get rid of them, and turn in an amazing paper full of unique content and fresh ideas. When you feel like “I need to check my essay,” – try and get your work polished.

How to check essay for plagiarism

Our plagiarism checker is easy to use. All you have to do is just insert your text in the field or upload an entire document and click the “Check” button. After we have reviewed your paper comparing it to thousands of other documents available online, you will get a detailed plagiarism report. Our reports are all clear and understandable – the tool highlights different types of similarities found and defines what kind of plagiarism case it is. You will need to wait for just a few seconds to get a report, so it is fast to use our essay checker. Plagiarism, online similarities, rewriting, or poor citations – everything will be highlighted to let you know which parts of your text need to be fixed.

Essay checker: plagiarism online tool that brings you peace of mind

Don’t risk your grade and college reputation – take your time for an essay plagiarism check! Students love our tool because it is as strong and detailed as Turnitin and other software their professors use to examine papers. This ensures that after using and fixing the things up, you will never find yourself in a pitiful situation of being caught for plagiarism.

As you know, the consequences of breaking the rules of academic honesty can be awful. If your professor is a person with a genial character – he/she will simply ask you to rewrite your project. Worse, when professors punish their students for plagiarism by putting them low grades, which lead to failing the course. Some students are kicked out from colleges and universities for stealing someone’s ideas. We bet it is not what you are looking for, right? If so, check essay for plagiarism with the help of and don’t risk your academic career.  It’s best to err on the side of caution!

More advantages of our essay checker

Students use our plagiarism checker to find out whether there are some plagiarized ideas in their papers. It is common for students to commit plagiarism unintentionally, however for professor, it is still an offense. To help you make sure that your paper is absolutely fine, we have designed the following features:

  • Accurate check. When you upload your content, we compare it with millions of other texts online and determine the percentage of similarities;
  • Highlight plagiarized elements. We list all sources of plagiarism we have found in the report and mark passages that seem suspicious;
  • Confidentiality. We do not copy or save your texts in a database;
  • High-quality check. We review your content in many ways considering different parameters;
  • Determine the nature of plagiarism. In the report, we mention what kind of plagiarism has been detected – copy-paste, poor citations, paraphrase, or rewriting;
  • We work fast. You don’t have to wait an eternity to get the results;
  • We can cope with bulky papers. Large papers are not a problem for our advanced tool;
  • Clear report. We provide simple, detailed, and easy-to-understand report;
  • Different formats. We accept all text formats.

Our service is reliable, fast and easy to use. With our tool, you don’t have to spend too much time to get a detailed report about your mistakes and hard-to-notice blunders. Plagiarism checker will help you sharpen your academic writing and craft a draft, which is unique and of high quality. With us, you will gain confidence in your writing and boost your odds for better grades.

It is time to get rid of weak points in your text! Try our advanced tool now.

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