The Best Way to Check My Paper for Plagiarism

Being caught for plagiarism is not only embarrassing but is also bad for academic career. Academic honesty requires you to submit 100% unique papers. Otherwise, students are punished in various ways. They are either asked to rewrite a paper or are expelled from college or university. However, sometimes you can plagiarize accidentally not knowing about that. For instance, you have forgotten to cite a quotation properly or paraphrased a sentence incorrectly. Even if you didn’t mean to steal someone’s ideas, you can be accused of plagiarizing. And this would be really offensive! So you decide, “I need to check my paper for plagiarism now,” and right you are. It is necessary because it may save you from the worst scenario that may happen to you. Moreover, there are great tools that do a detailed, quick, and accurate check.

One of them is our amazing online paper checker plagiarism can’t escape. No error will sneak into your manuscript if you use this program! Make sure that you submit original content full of unique ideas.

Plagiarism research paper checker works fast and efficiently

Looking for a plagiarism research paper checker or a term paper plagiarism checker for your project? Luckily, our tool can check every type of text, no matter how long and complicated it is. You will be surprised to know that we review large documents that include dozens of pages in a matter of few seconds! This is because our tool is advanced and designed for students, who have large papers to be examined.

This paper plagiarism checker is easy to use. Just upload your text document in any format and press the button! Then give us a minute to compare your writing to billions of other texts and get a drill down report. There you will find all information about your text and matches with other content the tool has found. The best thing is that our program is so smart that it distinguishes different types of plagiarism and informs you about them.

Plagiarism detector and paper grammar checker

If you want to make sure that paper you have written gets the highest grade, you should take care of its authenticity. There are two aspects you have to consider: originality and correct grammar. Our term paper plagiarism checker is as advanced and detailed as your professor’s programs, so using it ensures that your document is ready to the deepest and most scrupulous plagiarism check. On the other hand, we have a qualified and well-trained editing team to provide you with affordable proofreading and editing services. These grammar geeks are passionate about verb conjugation, adjectives, prepositions and other language stuff. This makes them better than any online paper grammar checker.

So bring peace to your mind and benefit from our plagiarism detector and high-quality editing services! Why not make your paper as perfect as it can be?

And there is more…

Students say that using our tool is very helpful. More and more of our users report about originality of their papers after they’ve tried to check their content “just for fun.” The results surprised them because our tool helped them find and fix errors like wrong quotes and poor paraphrasing. Of course, they never thought that it was plagiarism. However, their professors would be dissatisfied. They say we have saved their college life and reputation!

And now, we will tell you more about our checker to let you know why our users love it so much:

  • Clear plagiarism report. The report you get is comprehensive and easy-to-understand. We explain and specify every important detail;
  • Large scope. Plagiarism check is accurate and detailed since your paper is compared to billions of text samples found online to see whether there are matches;
  • List of sources. A program shows websites and documents with content similar with your paper;
  • Confidentiality. You don’t have to worry that someone may steal and use your content. We guarantee your 100% safety;
  • Multi-level check. Your paper is checked based on several criteria, considering various text parameters;
  • Large papers. We accept bulky documents for a plagiarism check;
  • Fast turnaround. Even large documents are checked quickly, so you don’t have to wait long;
  • Smart check. Our tool identifies what kind of plagiarized content is there in your paper. It marks different types of copied material and detects wrong citations, copy-paste, rewriting, and paraphrasing;
  • Almost all text formats. You don’t have to change the format of your document before sending it to us. We accept different kinds of text format.

So, check paper for plagiarism, student! Free and accurate review is now available at!

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