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Online Plagiarism Checker for Students and Educators

Looking for a place where you can check your texts for plagiarism and have them edited at the same time? Your search is over. Upload your content and get clear results under a minute! Enjoy unique features of our online plagiarism checker for students!

Comprehensive and accurate plagiarism check

We compare your content against 10 trillions existing websites. Our report displays the most accurate score of matched results. But there is more: check for plagiarism detects plagiarism on multiple levels. No traces of plagiarism will escape the eye of our accurate tool!

CopyCheck effectively finds the hints of:

  • Direct copy-paste;
  • Breach of referencing rules;
  • Badly cited quotations;
  • Improperly formatted paraphrasing.

We emphasized these points as the most critical for the written word. Our tool is designed not as pure direct plagiarism checker. Many students tend to make mistakes in referencing and in-line citations. So our tool will take care of it as well. Take a look at our amazing features:

Clear results and viewable sources

Any plagiarism found in your texts will be displayed and highlighted together with the percentage of plagiarism. Thanks to the special hints, it is easy to spot the nature of plagiarism. Besides, we display the sources of plagiarism for your review. As a result, it doesn’t take much time and efforts to track all the weak areas in your content.

Secure technology

We stick to the laws of copyright. Therefore, uploading your texts to our system is absolutely safe. All information is encrypted, which eliminates the chances of information leakage. Most importantly, we do not copy, store or share information.

Processing big volume in short time limit

Our writing plagiarism checker is absolutely scalable being able to process up to 500 pages within one check request. So if you need to check lengthy texts at once, it’s not a problem. In addition, our algorithm checks texts with an impressive speed. It takes only mere seconds for a one-pager. And just a couple of minutes for texts larger than 100 pages.

Editing options

With the aim to make your content a better one, CopyCheck designed a special editing service. With the help of it, you can have:

  • Grammatical errors removed;
  • Plagiarized areas corrected;
  • Bad citations improved;
  • Referencing correctly formatted;
  • Paraphrasing and quotations accurately cited.

Why are we better than a free plagiarism checker?

  • Our tool displays all weak areas in your writing. Even if there is a tiny risk of plagiarizing, it gets highlighted. So you’ll avoid inadvertent plagiarism in your texts.
  • It also displays detailed explanations in regards to the nature of plagiarism. As a result, you are aware of its source.
  • We have access to larger than free plagiarism checker data access and we refresh it on a daily basis.
  • It is compatible with multiple formats while other checkers support only one or two of them.
  • Our tool is able to check large volumes of content.

Improve your writing with our write check for students!

Effective plagiarism tool is the most-requested thing among students, writers and bloggers. is the right checker for any sort of content. Our mission is to help everyone submit plagiarism free content. We are proven extremely useful by thousands of users who trusted their texts to our write check for students. It’s really that fast, simple and accurate.